Order QDTI's revolutionary quantum technology products and services for ultrasensitive protein, nucleic acid, and cell detection.

Rapid Biomarker Detection with Quantum Technology

Fast, reproducible and ultrasensitive detection of proteins, nucleic acids, and cells

Save on time, cost, and sample volume with QDTI’s ultrasensitive detection platform powered by quantum diamond sensing. Our technology simplifies sample workflow, eliminates time-consuming wash steps and requires only one hour of hands-on time, with sample volume as low as 5 µL. The exceptional signal-to-noise ratio allows ultrasensitive detection (less than 1 pg/mL) of targeted proteins in biological samples, including whole blood, plasma, serum, and CSF.

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Testing On-Demand

Our service puts fail-safe, fast, ultrasensitive biomarker exploration at your fingertips

QDTI Testing On-Demand is your full-service center for fail-safe, fast, ultrasensitive sample testing and data delivery. Our service laboratory leverages the full power of the QDTI quantum-based platform to offer you instant access and on-demand scalability. Send your samples with peace of mind, knowing that our fail-safe guaranteed workflow is designed to prevent sample loss. At the same time, a 3-fold faster turnaround than comparable services means an accelerated timeline to results, and sensitivity below 1 pg/mL, ensures nothing is missed.

Whether you require analysis of samples, use of industry-proven or proprietary antibody pairs, QDTI’s dedicated scientists always strive for a personalized approach, as well as high accuracy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

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Assay Kits and Consumables

Everything you need for next-generation biomarker detection

QDTI stocks a full range of consumables for our quantum-based analysis platform. We offer ready-made assay kits to accelerate your research on the most important biomarkers in a variety of fields, including:

  • Neurology: total Tau, Tau-related, LRRK2, GFAP
  • Inflammatory: Interleukin-6, TNF-alpha
  • Cardiovascular: Troponin

Our assay offerings are growing continually, so please contact us to inquire about our latest offerings, pipeline or to make a product suggestion.

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Assay Development

Accelerated development of ultrasensitive assays tailored to your needs

We understand that one-of-a-kind research requires unique solutions. Our dedicated team of assay development experts is ready to create and enhance an assay to meet your requirements. We work closely with you at every step to ensure the highest performance for deliverables and an industry-leading timeline, made possible by the rapid analysis offered by our quantum-based technology. Our full-cycle R&D strategy includes antibody screening with commercial or proprietary reagents, assay prototyping, optimization, and fit-for-purpose validation. Sensitivity and performance are maximized for the sample matrix of interest, and reagents can readily be scaled up for downstream sample testing.

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Inquire about the platform

Interested in ‘test-driving’ our quantum-powered detection instrument? Please let us know your simple testing needs and we will be excited to discuss potential collaboration!

We are also always on the lookout for bright, resourceful, energetic team members as our company is growing. Please reach out to us if you would like to join a dynamic, engaging team looking to change the diagnostics landscape by combining quantum physics + biological technologies!


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